How to choose your contractor?

If you are seriously thinking about renovating your house, it is very normal to have thousands of questions in the early steps of the project. How can I avoid any bad experience? Where do I start? We are here to help with some advices from our experts:

  • Select a certified contractor who is offering a professional, personalize and courteous service.
  • Choose a contractor who respects his commitments and has a rigorous team of experts.
  • A great way to learn more about a contractor is to learn about previous achievements and the recommendations from customers (quality of work, customer service and satisfaction etc…)

Sometimes, trying to save money, a person might entrust the work to someone who doesn’t have a licence (acquaintance, family member etc…) In all cases, it is very important to be careful. In those types of scenarios, the customers have no guarantee or recourse in case of faulty or incomplete work, especially without an official contract. A contractor who operates without a licence cannot be held responsible for not respecting the construction industry standards and building code. A contractor who doesn’t own a licence can’t be responsible in any cases, even if he doesn’t respect the many standard in the construction industry and residential renovation.

To avoid these bad experiences, it is very important to do your research and select a contractor that you trust!
After the first selection is done it is now time to get a price estimate from one or more potential contractors.
You will then be able to analyze and compare various companies. It is essential to consider all the elements of the quote regarding your project. It is frequent that, when comparing various quotes, there can be discrepancies within which elements are included into the quotes. This is frequently the explanation for the variation in prices you are analyzing. It is imperative to be attentive to those differences and be aware that by selecting the lowest bidder, greater cost might get a rise later on in the process.


To keep in mind while your research:

  • Very low prices in comparison with other entrepreneurs are probably not a good sign. It is possible that there hidden costs, only mentioned when the project is in progress.
  • Mandating a certified contractor is the only way to have recourse if the work is poorly completed or not completed.
  • Confiez vos projets à un entrepreneur qui offre une garantie complète.
  • Check out referral sites such as RBQ, APCHQ and Réno-Maître who has a directory of certified general contractors.